Why Plugins Aren’t The Solution To Your Responsive Web Design

Properly implementing a responsive web design takes some rethinking about how you want to display your website content. Transformations occur as screen size gets smaller. Ultimately culminating into a single column.

If you’re use to thinking in two columns (main content plus side bar) or even three as in a newspaper design, figuring out how to transform down into one column takes a little realignment in your thinking.

Some WordPress plugins do attempt to get website into a presentable form for mobile users. However, many of them do tend to mangle your site. Without some thorough confirmation of what pages actually look like, you might initial get the impression that everything is ok. Word of caution: Be sure to give your site a thorough check after installing and mobile related plugin.

Another draw back of plugins is they aren’t consistent with your site’s layout. This gives the appearance of two different sites. It isn’t uncommon for a mobile website to look different from the full blown desktop version. However, this a mistake as it is degrading your brand.

A responsive web design allows you to keep peel away some layers of your brand as you move into one column. But peeling away layers is not the same as presenting a completely different look.

Brands often present themselves differently in different context. The Apple logo on the lid of my Macbook Pro is smoky white and lights up. However, at WDC (developers conference wehre Apple usually shows off upcoming products), the logo can be many different colors and lots of details. But the consistent logo outline is still very visible.

This abstract element of our business we call brand is very fragile. Lots of work is required to continue building it and ensure no harm comes to it. Designing your site with a responsive web design in mind, rather than handing everything off to a plugin, can help ensure your brand remains healthy and consistent.

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