Welcome Thesis owners.

My name is Brett Romero. I’m a software engineer, designer, author and entrepreneur. I customized and designed this Thesis 2.x theme.

I know your wanting all the juicy bits about how this site is put together, so here goes:

  • I have several templates that were created through the Skin Editor. The home page uses its own template. Posts use another template. /blog and /thebook are categories, each using a template.
  • I actually run two blogs on the site but use only one WordPress installation. I’ve emulated categories (which you can see from the homepage) by using tags. This way, I can have /blog in a category and /thebook in a category. I did this to keep from maintaining two blogs (two WordPress installs).
  • I use lots of custom PHP. Yes – you can still customize PHP with Thesis 2.x. I add all of my PHP functions to /wp-content/thesis/skins/classic/custom.php. I then reference them by shortcode or hook them in via the Skin Editor.
  • As of now (4/25/2013), DIY themes doesn’t have any responsive skins. I did start with WPTouch, which was ok but by far not perfect. I also discovered it had severe problems with W3 Total Cache. I then looked at responsive skins but quickly realized I’d have to do a whole new design from the ground up. That was way too much time. I ditched WPTouch in favor of caching. I then rolled my own responsive design. The key is good CSS and media queries. Go ahead and give the site a try by resizing your browser or viewing it on a mobile device.
  • Overall, I like Thesis 2.x and have no plans of using anything else.

If you would like to implement your own responsive web design for your Thesis site, this will show you how.

By the way, if you’re interested in a feature box like the one Derek Halpern used to increase his blog subscription rate by 51.7%, I’ve created a feature box template for Thesis 2.0 owners.

You can also see my feature box implementation here.

Please feel free to drop me a line or follow me on twitter @bitesizebschool.

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