Are you still fighting with your website trying to make it faster?

Are website speed test reports too confusing?

If you’re ready to throw in the towel on improving your website’s performance, I have the answer you’ve been looking for.


Website Speed Audit

Website Speed Audit is a report that simplifies exactly what you need to do for speeding up your website.

Robotic speed test reports have their limitations.  They split out a plethora of information, leaving you to pick through the line after line of entries wasting tons of time.

The Website Speed Audit report gets right to the point, showing you only the most relevant details to speed up your site.  In the report, you’ll get all of the following:


  • Low Hanging Fruit (go after this first for the biggest rewards)
  • Know how much of a hit your taking because of your hosting provider
  • Know how much your WordPress install is slowing you down
  • Suggestions for improvement specific to your website


With human verification, robotic responses will be a thing of the past.  I’ve done performance improvements on more websites than I care count.  You’ll get my knowledge and experience all focused in one easy to read report that you can begin using immediately to shift your website into the next gear.


Human Tested and Approved!

Make My Site Faster also comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.  There is no risk to you.  If you are not completely, hands down satisfied with the results, you can request all of your money back, no questions asked!

Only $17