The Slow Crawl To Page One

DAY 35

Into The Wild

Adraft. Finally a draft if only one chapter. And not exactly into the wild but to my editor. At times it has been a slow crawl. More from not knowing what happens next than some amount of time passing by. But things are now starting to fall into place. Yesterday chapter 1 was sent off for its first editorial. It isn’t complete but the main content is there. This is ahead of schedule, since the plan was for a draft to be done by December 16.

On December 11, I sent the TOC (table of contents), which includes an outline of chapters, along with sub outlines for each chapter. Basically, I took the earlier book outline and divided each section into chapters. Then stood back (metaphorically speaking) to analyze the content in this new format. After any structural change or presentation of a new viewpoint, it’s a good idea to let your mind absorb it rather than diving right in. During this small resting period, your mind is subconsciously processing the new information. Generally, this can lead to new ideas.

My editor liked the chapter layout. I’ve been wondering about a timeline for coming up with a title. At this point, my editor mentioned I should be brainstorming titles and subtitles. I haven’t yet found one but there are several to stay away from, since a number of books within my genre are using similar titles:

  • MBA Game Plan
  • Which MBA Is Right For You?

This book isn’t about acing the MBA application process or getting into a top school. Although there will be some information that falls into those areas. The book is directed at three general groups:

  • Those that are entertaining the idea of getting an MBA but just aren’t sure
  • Those that know they want an MBA but need a way to shortcut the research process
  • Entrepreneurs

I’d like to find a title sooner than later. It will certainly make marketing easier.

We talked about book length a little as well. This is still open. I’m unsure at this point how much content will go into the book. But I have a ballpark figure of where it will land. I’ll be posting a word progress meter soon, which I plan to start at a target word count of 20,000. This figure will continue to grow.

We also talked about publishing the TOC. There was some initial hesitation on this but then we decided it can’t hurt anything. Below is the early listing of chapters, which is subject to change:

Chapter 1 – I’m not sure what I want to do

Chapter 2 – I know I want an MBA. Help Me Shortcut The Research

Chapter 3 – Does An Entrepreneur Need An MBA?

Chapter 4 – Formats

Chapter 5 – Cost

Chapter 6 – Rankings: What’s The Big Deal?

Chapter 7 – Approach Taken At Various Schools

Chapter 8 – Electives And Areas of Focus

Chapter 9 – Entrepreneurship

Chapter 10 – Alumni Involvement

Chapter 11 – Tips on Admissions Preparation

Chapter 12 – Your Profile And Which Options Fit It

Chapter 13 – Future of the MBA
Chapter 14 – Interesting Facts About The MBA

In regards to voice (1st, 2nd, 3rd), I will simply speak to the reader as if we’re having a conversation. Voice will eventually shake out. The first chapter will be used as a template for future chapters. We might later decide to be strict with the voice or continue to let it evolve a little. With only a chapter 1 draft complete, it is still very early in the process.

It is likely my editor and I will not meet again until after the New Year, at which point we’ll begin planning our next steps. Until then, I will be seeking out people to interview and gathering stats.

Questions for you to ponder:

  • How far along would you go without a title?
  • Would you have some idea on your book length at this point?
  • How would you go about estimating it at this early point in the game?

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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