Skillfeed Courses by Brett Romero

iPhone iOS App Development

Build Your First iPhone iOS7 App From Scratch
Objective-C iPhone Programming – Smaller Code With Literals
iPhone Programming – View Transitions and Passing Data Between Views


Web Design: HTML In 10 Minutes For Beginners (Part 1)
Web Design: HTML In 10 Minutes For Beginners Part 2- Tools, Lists & Tables (Part 2)
Web Design – HTML In 10 Minutes Part 3 – HTML iFrames & CSS Simulated iFrames (Part 3)
HTML 5 – The Missing Introduction


Web Design: CSS In 10 Minutes Part 1- Introduction
Web Design: CSS In 10 Minutes – Part 2
Web Design: CSS In 10 Minutes Part 3- Layout
Ultimate Web Design – Building and Styling HTML Forms With CSS
Web Design And Optimization: Building A Sprite Based Navigation With CSS
Web Design – CSS Pseudo-Elements Introduction
Web Design – Mastering CSS Attribute Selectors
Responsive Web Design Tables
Easy Website Layout With Grids

Web Design

Web Design Debugging Secrets
Mobile Web Design Secrets: Debugging From Your iPhone
Practical Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design Tables
Easy Website Layout With Grids
Everything You Need To Speed Up Your Website
How To Speed Up Your Website
Responsive Photo Portfolio Slide Show
AngularJS For ASP.NET MVC Developers



Photoshop Basics – Workspace
Photoshop Basics – Image Resizing
Photoshop Basics – Layers
Photoshop Basics – Curves
Photoshop Basics – Typography
Photoshop Basics – Gradients

Photoshop Basics – Smart Objects
Photoshop: Removing Facial Blemishes
Photoshop Easy, Fast Rounded Corners
Photoshop Easy Black & White
Photoshop: Remove Anything From Photos
Photoshop: Reactive Text
Photoshop: 2D Into Realistic 3D
Dramatic Photo Effects With Photoshop Actions
Photoshop – Realistic Lantern Glow
Easily Create Your Own Photoshop Actions
Photoshop – Realistic Human Shadows
Photoshop: Outdoor Fashion Photo Effect
Photoshop CC Tutorial For Beginners
Building Animations With Photoshop


Microsoft Excel Productivity: Excel Tutorial
How To Build A Strong Brand (Branding Series)
Branding: Personal vs Company Name (Branding Series)
Steve Jobs On Branding (Branding Series)
How To Open A Business Checking Account For Sole Proprietors
Introduction To Front And Back End Sales For Your Business
Income Statement Insight: Why An Online Business Beats Bricks and Mortar
Kindle Sales Booster Secrets
Press Release Secrets
Web Security – Deleting Individual Web Browser Cookies
How To Make A Steady Monthly Income Selling Stock Options


How To Publish Your Book in The iTunes iBookstore

Youtube/Social Media

How To Get More Youtube Views
Get More Youtube Subscribers With This One Simple Technique
How To Remove Spammy Or Offensive Comments From Your Youtube Videos
Facebook Business Page How To
Poll In Google Plus: How To Create A Survey


Screenflow Zoom & Pan Ninja Tactics
Podcasting Made Easy With ScreenFlow