Risks Involved With Responsive Web Design Frameworks

Believe it or not, responsive web design is still in its early days. There aren’t any official standards on how it should work. But then again, there aren’t any official standards on how a mobile site should work.

And therein lies the risk of using any responsive web design framework. It might sound like a good idea to use such a framework. After all, you’re likely to see some quick payoff…at least if you are designing a new website. For an existing site, it could be more work than any return you might experience.

The bigger problem is since we are still in the early designs of what responsive web design means, these frameworks are likely to change and evolve. Some will likely even go away.

If you integrate a framework and a few months later designer decides it is too much work to continue supporting it and pulls all support and future updates, you’re stuck with a door stop. Now it is on you to keep your website up to date plus this obsolete framework. That’s a little too much for most companies.

If you’re not going to use a framework, what are the other options? Stay loose and independent. What does that mean exactly?

Responsive web design is likely to be composed of CSS (CSS3 to be exact) for the foreseeable future. CSS isn’t going anywhere. Sticking to the core components of responsive web design will ensure you don’t have any tight integration or exposure to some framework that might render you unable to make use of the latest responsive design techniques.

Since its inception in 2010, not much has evolved in the core components of responsive web design. What worked in 2010 still works just fine today. What has come along are the large number of responsive web design templates.

Until responsive design is built into browsers, rolling your own it will continue to pay big dividends in scaleability and maintainability.

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