Responsive Web Design And Usability Of Smaller Screens

When designing a responsive web design, you eventually get the site working in smaller and smaller screens. But simply getting the site usable at smaller screens may not be enough.

What do I mean by that? If you are doing is making sure everything looks great on smaller screens, you may find there is a little more work involved to present a superior user experience.

For example, text might be too small. The navigation menu items may be too close for quickly tapping. Some of the most important data that was at the top of your site on the desktop version, may now be in the middle or at the bottom, causing lots of scrolling.

Smaller mobile devices are about extreme efficiency and speed. Users are likely on the go and want relevant information quickly. Unlike a desktop screen where the user is sitting down, has time to focus on words and absorb what they mean, it’s a very different environment for the mobile experience.

Users might be standing in a shopping line holding the phone with one hand. They don’t have time to fumble around trying to click a super tiny link. Or pinching and zooming because the text is so small.

At smaller screens, give your site a workout in the real world. Get into situations your user will probably find themselves in. At these smaller screens, does your site lend itself to enabling the user or hindering them?

Responsive web design is a consistent experiences as you go from desktop, to tablet, to mobile. Users don’t expect the same experience on their mobile devices as they do on the desktop.

But they do expect a consistent, quality experience at smaller screens. Make them happy and you’ll keep your users coming back for more.

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