Responsive Web Design And CSS

CSS is a core component of a responsive web design. Without CSS, you wouldn’t be able to create a responsive web design website.

Particularly, media queries were introduced in CSS3. They allows you to execute code at specific screen sizes. Below is an example of a media query that will change the identifier #mydiv color to black at 500 pixels and below.

[code language=”css”]
@media screen and (max-width:500px) {
#mydiv {color:#000}

As you can see, this type of conditional makes it very easy for your website to adapt to certain screen sizes. Any CSS code that is not inside the media query will execute. Code inside the media query will only execute when the specified condition is met.

You can test media query conditionals by simply decreasing the width of your desktop web browser. This technique can save time vs testing against a mobile device, since you’ll need to deploy your code to a website for mobile testing. Unless you have a local dev site that is accessible.

Besides media queries, CSS is also used to transform different elements. For example, a horizontal navigation changes to a vertical navigation at smaller screen widths.

Sidebars may disappear as well. Removing the sidebar is a matter of hiding its container (usually a div).

Font sizes might increase at smaller screens by applying specific styles. CSS allows your to target nearly any area on your webpage and apply a modification that looks better at a lower screen width.

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