The Fastest Way To Go From Beginner To Photoshop Expert

Replace intimidation with confidence!

With Photoshop Accelerated For Beginners, you'll be turning those bland looking photos into color soaked, eye candy that looks good enough for framing and hanging on the wall

  • Turn day into night
  • Create Realistic lantern glows
  • Take control of Photoshop's complexity

You'll begin seeing your investment start paying off within your first few videos.

We'll start off with some quick fundamentals and then transition into real world examples that you can begin using immediately.  There no reason to wait days or even hours to start getting great results.

Your Course Comes With Lifetime Access!

What You Can Expect From This Course

  • What You Can Expect From This Course
Creating Your Own Workspace
  • Customizing The Layout
  • Getting To Know Your Tools
  • Menu
Building Your Skillset
  • Image and Canvas Resizing
  • Layers
  • Curves
  • Typography
  • Grids and Guides
  • Setting Up and Using The Rule of Thirds
  • Smart Objects
  • Transparency Lock
Dramatic Effects In Minutes
  • Removing Facial Blemishes
  • Rounded Corners
  • Easy Black & White
  • Removing Anything From Your Photos
  • Gradients
  • Reactive Text
  • 2D To Realistic 3D Conversions
  • Dramatic Effects With Photoshop Actions
  • Realistic Lantern Glow (project files included)
  • Saving Time By Recording Your Own Photoshop Actions (project files included)
  • Realistic Human Shadows - Gradient Technique (project file included)
  • Realistic Human Shadows - Drop Shadow Technique (project file included)
  • Outdoor Fashion Photo Effect (project file included)
  • Instagram Effect With Reusable Action (project file included)
Photoshop CC Overview
  • Stepping Into Photoshop CC (project files included)
  • Selection Tool
  • Getting To Know Layers
  • Seeing Double - The Clone Tool
  • Adjustment Layers For Quick, Impressive Results
  • Typography In Detail
  • Saving Your Work and Creating New Images
Web Design With Photoshop CC
  • Extending With 3rd Party Grid Layouts
  • Image Generation
  • More Extension With Color Palettes
  • Add Placeholder Text Quickly Right In Photoshop CC
  • From PSD To CSS/HTML
  • Better CSS
Photoshop Animations
  • Introduction To Animations
  • Keyframes
  • Keyframes Advanced
  • Saving Your Animations
  • Animating Falling Snow (project file included)

Meet Your Instructor

My Name is Brett Romero.  You've just found the easiest way to download Photoshop DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN.  Within the first few videos, you'll already know enough Photoshop to begin applying it to your own designs.

The You Have Nothing To Loose, No Risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarentee

When you purchase Photoshop Accelerated, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.  If for any reason you decide on a refund, you’ll get 100% of your money back.


One Time Payment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What video quality are the lessons?
All lessons are recorded in HD quality.

How long does it take before I get access after purchasing?
You'll have access immediately after purchasing.

How long will I have access to the course?
You'll have lifetime access.

Are the lessons mobile compatible?
Absolutely.  Watch on your mobile phone or tablet.

Is there a monthly fee?
Nope.  This is a one-time fee.


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