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The Fastest Way To Go From Beginner To Photoshop Expert

The following links to a map of keyboard commands that should help while you are learning: https://www.nobledesktop.com/shortcuts/photoshopcs5/pc. Photoshop commands rarely change from one version to the next.



  • What You Can Expect From This Course
Getting To Know Photoshop By Doing
  • Customizing The Layout
  • Getting To Know Your Tools By Building A Facebook Course Image
  • Getting To Know Your Tools By Building A Background Image
Building Your Skillset
  • Image and Canvas Resizing
  • Layers
  • Curves
  • Typography
  • Grids and Guides
  • Setting Up and Using The Rule of Thirds
  • Smart Objects
  • Transparency Lock
Dramatic Effects In Minutes - Part 1
  • Removing Facial Blemishes
  • Rounded Corners
  • Easy Black & White
  • Removing Anything From Your Photos
  • Gradients
  • Reactive Text
  • 2D To Realistic 3D Conversions
Dramatic Effects In Minutes - Part 2
  • Dramatic Effects With Photoshop Actions
  • Realistic Lantern Glow (project files included)
  • Saving Time By Recording Your Own Photoshop Actions (project files included)
  • Realistic Human Shadows - Gradient Technique (project file included)
  • Realistic Human Shadows - Drop Shadow Technique (project file included)
  • Outdoor Fashion Photo Effect (project file included)
  • Instagram Effect With Reusable Action (project file included)
Photoshop CC Overview
  • Stepping Into Photoshop CC (project files included)
  • Selection Tool
  • Getting To Know Layers
  • Seeing Double - The Clone Tool
  • Adjustment Layers For Quick, Impressive Results
  • Typography In Detail
  • Saving Your Work and Creating New Images
Web Design With Photoshop CC
  • Extending With 3rd Party Grid Layouts
  • Image Generation
  • More Extension With Color Palettes
  • Add Placeholder Text Quickly Right In Photoshop CC
  • From PSD To CSS/HTML
  • Better CSS
Photoshop Animations
  • Introduction To Animations
  • Keyframes
  • Keyframes Advanced
  • Saving Your Animations
  • Animating Falling Snow (project file included)


Welcome to Photoshop Accelerated.  To the left is an outline of the course.  Lessons are grouped by section.  It is best to start with the first section and work your way to the last.  Click any section name to begin watching the videos in it.

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