One Thing That Will Get You To The Next Level

September has been an explosive month at Bitesize Business School. I’d like to share with you what’s been going on and how you can use some of these strategies in your business to reach the next level.

A Tool For Reaching The Next Level

I’m a strong believer in writing down your goals. I use a pen and paper when I’m writing goals down. Actually, I use a pen and paper for a lot of things. There’s an intimate connection between writing things down and how it solidifies and becomes more real in your brain (REF:,, and

A common trait of millionaires is that they write down their goals ( As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to write down your goals.

I’ll give you another. I’ve been wanting to increase the percentage of consulting business that Bitesize Business School brings in. This was a goal I wrote down in August. The result is that I’ve obtained more new consulting business this month than any other month.

Writing down goals isn’t a matter of just writing down what you want to accomplish and thinking good thoughts to make it happen. You also have to write down the steps that will lead you there. You need to be clear about how you’ll achieve that goal.

Once you are clear on your goal and have steps to accomplish it, begin scrapping and crawling to get there. Be completely focused on the goal(s).

Anti Goals

Want to know what will distract from your goal? Shiny objects – trying to chase the latest course, the latest marketing tactic, the latest Facebook Ads strategy.

There’s a difference between feeding your brain with knowledgeable information that can build your business vs. chasing shiny objects. Here’s what I mean: Take in information than take action. If you aren’t, then you’re just chasing shiny objects, and you’ll never get anywhere.

Why is that true? Because by chasing shiny objects, you aren’t focused. You’re all over the place. Once you get focused, once you are zeroed in on your goals, you’ll start seeing progress. You’ll start seeing success. Pieces will begin falling in place that you otherwise could not even have predicted.

Remember, two steps:

  1. Take in information
  2. Take action

A Simple Plan You Can Use Now

Try this: Set three goals for the end of this year to get where you want to go. Stretch yourself but be somewhat realistic. If you are making $1000/mo, don’t set a goal of making $1M/mo. Instead, try $5000/mo. Build the ladder (steps) to that goal. Map out how you’ll accomplish it then start scrapping. Execute! Take action!

Taking action will separate you from the wanna be’s vs. those that are having success. Maybe it doesn’t happen right away but keep taking action. That is, keep taking action against your goals.

Bitesize Business School’s September

To give you some additional insight into this month, I’m on the way to securing my first advance for a book deal. Of the many clients I picked up this month, a couple were international (Madrid, Spain and Ireland), which I’m always happy to add.

I can trace this month’s great progress back to goals I set only in August. I pushed hard as well. Nothing magically fell out of the sky. I didn’t sit around humming and thinking good thoughts. I took action all the way.

Some things I couldn’t have predicted. Such as a client finding me on LinkedIn that resulted in an immediate contract and potential for longer term work.

Keep pushing toward your goals. Be completely focused on them. Let your goals pull you forward and provide you with clear direction.

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