Are you struggling to get reviews for your new book?

Have KDP promotions not brought in the reviews you were expecting?


It can be difficult to get great reviews, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have a list.

That’s where I was when I published my first book – no list to call on for reviews, but that didn’t last long.

Kindle 4 and 5 Star Reviews


Shortly after my first book, Responsive Web Design Overview For Beginners, was published, I got a handful of 4 and 5 star reviews.


I was a brand new author. You might think that was luck, but it wasn’t.  Right after publishing my second bookCareer Forward: Do You Need An MBA To Succeed? I did it again, landing more 4 and 5 star reviews.

Reviews just after publishing ‘Responsive Web Design Overview For Beginners’:


Reviews just after publishing ‘Career Forward: Do You Need An MBA To Succeed?’:

This is something you can do too!  No list required.  

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As a new author, great reviews can help to get your book consistent sales.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.  If you were debating between two books, both unknown authors to you and the only difference was that one had 4 and 5 star reviews, while the other had none, which would you choose?

Good reviews means someone read your book and took the time to vouch for it.  This can help new readers pull the trigger to buy.

In Kindle 4 And 5 Star Reviews, I’ll show you the exact steps I took to get great reviews.


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