Is Your CreateSpace Book Price Not Updating?

I recently updated the price on one of my CreateSpace paperback titles, ‘Career Forward: Do You Need An MBA To Succeed?‘.

Usually, this price change will update within two or three days. It’s even faster on Kindle, occurring sometimes within an hour. I updated the paperback price on Oct 31. A week later, it was still at the old price.

During that week, I had called CreateSpace and Amazon AuthorCentral. Both kept pointing the finger at each other. Nice! Finally, on the following Thursday (a week later), CreateSpace took responsibility for the problem and said they’d contact their tech support team to have it updated. But I would need to wait another one to two business days.

On Monday Nov 11, the price still had not updated. I called CreateSpace that morning to see if I could get some movement on the price change. Once again, they tried to point the finger at Amazon but I mentioned that I already had a tech support case open with them. The person I spoke with said they’d get in touch with tech support.

Almost There

By the same Monday afternoon, the price had finally updated…at least partial. You can see in the image below that there were still two prices. I gave it a little time and later that day, both prices had finally matched.

CreateSpace book price update problem

Five Business Days Max For Prices To Update

The moral of the story is that although it usually takes CreateSpace one to three days to update a price change, it is on them to change it and not Amazon. If you’re price doesn’t update within five business days (note Monday through Friday), give CreateSpace a call and harp on them until they change it. Ask to have they’re technical team look into it.

After three days of the price not updating, I’d call CreateSpace and get things rolling with them. They may push you off since it hasn’t been five business days. I’ve found how helpful they are is really a gamble on who picks up the phone. Good luck!

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