Income Report – May 2017

Here is my May 2017 income and traffic report for any income related to my blog. View all of my previous income reports.

Why I Post Income Reports

I started posting my blog income reports in March 2017. I post them as an audit to my progress and to share what I’m doing that’s working and not working. It’s also for accountability and to inspire other bloggers as to what they can do as well.

Blog income reports don’t show all of my income. Most of my income comes from other channels.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission if your purchase through these links. It will not affect your purchase price in anyway.

Current Website Traffic

Below is my website traffic for this month. This fell below the 2000 page view mark to 1785, which is lower than April

I’ve added annotations for various blog posts. It seems blog posts do add a boost. It’s a short term effect but I believe as I continue to posts, older post will start getting traffic and more and more people discover the site. This should create additional page views simply through all the interlinking work I’ve been doing.

My biggest referrers are direct, google and youtube, making up 86.6% of my traffic.

Below are the posts I created during May:

5 Legit and Free Work at Home Jobs With No Startup Fees

The Only Spreadsheet You Need To Increase Your Revenue

When Should You Increase Your SaaS Prices? (What The Gurus Always Leave Out)


Youtube videos published:

The Only Spreadsheet You Need To Increase Your Revenue, added to bottom of post

When Should Your Business Increase Its SaaS Prices

Uploaded 4 part series on creating a ‘Easy Finance For Startups’, which is a follow on to ‘How To Create A Personal Financial Co-Pilot’.

Current Income

Below is May income:

Affiliate Income:

  • 99designs – $50

Ad Income:

  • Youtube – $136.85

Total Income: $186.85 


  • Traffic ebook – $12
  • Pinterest Coaching – $75
  • Hootsuite – $14.99
  • Aweber – $10
  • Canva – $10 (photo purchases)

Total Expenses: $121.99

Net Income: $64.86

There are a few of these expenses you want see in June are Hootsuite and Canva. I purchased a block of Canva credits that should last a while. As for Hootsuite, I’ve discontinued it for now. The reason is mainly due to an inability to schedule a single post multiple times without using a more complex function. Pinterest coaching was a one off just to get another opinion on my Pinterest account setup and current marketing plans. I’m actually on track and doing what should be done. There were a few suggestions but I don’t think anything material.

If everything goes right for June, the only expenses I’ll see is likely the $10 Aweber fee.

Lessons Learned

Pinterest is very much a slow and long game. I have a regular schedule I follow now for posting management with Pinterest. This is done through Tailwind. Given the increased frequency of blog posts, I expect traffic from Pinterest to start picking up.

Going Forward

Starting in the latter 1/2 of May, I begin posting more frequently. I’ve found a good schedule and plenty of topics to posts on. Most of them around business finance. I will continue to post at least once per week but likely more.

I’ll also be creating more Youtube videos. You’ll probably noticed my Youtube Adsense earnings have been decreasing. This is likely due to the fact that I haven’t created any new Youtube videos in months. I’ll start creating more in June and continue creating them on a regular schedule there after.

Website Traffic Building Resources

A few great resources I’ll be using to help build up my website traffic are:

All are great resources and well worth more than their small up front investments.

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