How To Make Your Book Cover Stand Out And Get More Sales

Choosing the right book cover can make or break your sales figures.

Too small a title and it will be difficult to see on Amazon, iTunes and B&N.

Cover art that is too bland will not entice interest.

Moving Past Average Design

A visually appealing book cover with a large title will already be in the above average category on the interest factor. This will help in getting more clicks to your book page when potential customers search related topics.

I’ve tried to include these elements in the book cover for my first book, ‘Career Forward: Do You Need An MBA To Succeed?’

You can see the cover work here Please check it out. I’d like to know what you think. Just click here to send me a quick note. I always like hearing from my readers.

The art design is organic. Meaning, I didn’t want to use illustrations with straight lines, hard corners and abstract elements. I believe going organic creates a better connection with readers.

The suit and tie are within the context of the book, since many MBAs that do consulting work or those in upper levels of companies are accustomed to wearing suits and ties. But in general, the suit and tie are identifiable with an MBA.

Your Brave Little Salesman

This will be my first book and I want to ensure it has a fighting chance in online bookstores.

Think of the book cover as your salesman. He’s marching out alone into a hostile environment.

There are two very likely outcomes:

1.) Customers will give your book cover a quick glance and move on.


2.) Your salesman has made a good enough presentation and is able to hold their interest for just a few short seconds while they decide if the book is worth clicking on.

If the potential customer clicks on the cover, your salesman has done his job. Other factors take over at this point.

I’ll discuss some of these factors in future posts. If your not already subscribed, just fill in the form below so you’ll never miss another update.

For now, please check out the cover. Let me know if you find it visually appealing or even if you would click the cover to find out more.

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