How To Break Out Of The Commodity Category

How To Break Out Of The Commodity Category

When you decide to create a product, there are usually great aspirations of making hundreds of sales.  But by the time it is all finished, you might look back and wonder how is your product any different from the many other similar products.  Maybe you saw that your competitors were making loads of money in some product category and you decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Differentiation didn’t come into the picture or could have just been to difficult to figure out.

I’d like to help you come up with a few ideas for breaking out of the commodity category.  Meaning, differentiate your product from the competition and give potential customers a great reason to pull out their hard earned money and give it to you.

What You Get For Free

By the way, product here means online video course or audio book.  In other words, something where customers might see or hear you.  There are a few reasons why this type of product is important.  I’ll tell you why below.

In creating a product, there are a few things you already get for free that will differentiate you from the competition.  One is your personality.  You have to let it come through.  If you sound monotone and unenthused, well, you’re going to sound like so many products out there that your customer has already come across.

Let’s say I’m your customer.  To avoid sounding like everyone else, speak like we’re sitting right next to each other and you’re explaining to me how something is done.  You’re teaching me something but in a relaxed, semi informal manner.  It doesn’t sound like I’m in a lecture.

Get comfortable being on the mic or camera and your personality will start coming through.  This is a great differentiator.

Be excited about your product.  You should be enthusiastic that I’m going to learn something that will add value to my life.  This means you have built a product that does add value to people’s lives.  Trying to force this aspect into a completed product usually doesn’t work. Before you create your product, make sure there is at least one feature that people would pay money for if that is the only thing you offered (tweet this).  Now you have a feature with great value.

But Wait, There’s More!

Another way to break out of the commodity category is to include bonuses.  These can range from cheat sheets, to an audio only version of the course, to resources, to maybe even 30 minutes of one-on-one with you.  Or you could do a webinar for a group of customers.  Now for a pro tip: Make sure you bonuses are worth more than the course.  This means, you could sell your bonuses as a stand alone product.  Now you have some bonuses that are worthy of the word bonus.

The bonuses your competitors will be offering are usually going to be an after thought.  They aren’t going to be worth too much.  Some will just be a random mixture of things.  Your bonuses will be multiples of value better than your competitors’ bonuses.

What Are Your Customers Really Buying

Differentiating yourself assumes people know you are even there.  The above isn’t going to work if no one is even landing on your sales page.  One of the best ways to get people to buy your product is to establish a relationship.  You might wonder how.  Here are a few tips:

Post great content related to your product.  This can be blog posts and videos.  Even give away some of your product content.

What ever your product is about, there should be enough to talk about that you have plenty of content to posts on.  This content will drive interest for your product.  Always include a link to your sales page.

We talked about bonuses earlier.  Take one of those bonuses out of your product and use it as a giveaway.  Instead of posting a sales page link on your blog posts, where you discuss content related to the product, add an email signup form and use this extra bonus as the giveaway for those who sign up.  Then in the extra bonus, push your product.

Did you see how that helps establish a relationship?  You give some one something of value for free.  Now you’ve earned some credibility and trust.  They see your offering in the giveaway.  They’ve read your other blog posts.  The probability that they now buy your product has just gone up drastically.

So What Are Your Customers Really Buying?  They are buying you.  You are selling yourself.  People buy into people.  Not products.

I hope you were able to grab some nuggets of gold from this post for your next product.  To get more like this, please sign up to my newsletter if you haven’t already.  Besides great tips, you’ll get my latest bonus.

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