How These 4 Info Product Businesses Created 7 Figure Incomes


This article contains a summarization of how four different people built a 7 figure business just from selling information products.

What Separates The Million Dollar Information Marketers From The Rest

Rich Schefren


When it comes to big money launches, Rich Schefren is a great person to listen to. Rich has a proven track record in launching products having never made less than $2 million in a launch. So how did he do it?

Innovation is a key theme throughout Rich’s career. You must differentiate yourself and your ideas if you want to make big sales. Doing what has already been done will not make you an industry leader or garner the necessary attention for a following.

Knowing the right people, pricing points, and proof of concept are important.

Lastly, surround yourself with people that believe in you. As an entrepreneur, when you have an idea, tell your team about it and ask them to follow up on it by doing tests. You’re the idea person and ultimately the decider so know your role.

7 Ways to Make Millions From Selling Information Products


Employing software to personalize targeting on a mass scale is essential. This can be done through the use of marketing automation software.

Offer affiliate marketing and be generous in the slice of the pie that you give affiliates; be very generous! This will attract more people to you. It’s the law of large numbers at its finest.

Social advertising combined with an emailing strategy will increase your effectiveness. The well-known way of doing so is through the use of Facebook Ads.

Know the difference between evergreen and timely. Being evergreen allows for scalability and sustainability. Being timely has its pros such as seeing a quick return, but know that being timely has a shelf life.

Facebook Advertising…the advice is simple: Become very, very familiar with it.

Creating more blog posts can create even more traffic. Do not go overboard on this, but just cranking out one more blog post a week can increase traffic by 18.6%.

Create related products to your previous products. By keeping them within the same realm, you can start leveraging them.

How Kimra Luna Built Her Multi-Million-Dollar Business

Kimra Luna


Often the trait shared amongst entrepreneurs is resourcefulness. Being resourceful will allow you to efficiently channel that inner drive you have for success.

Know what you know. This means if you really know what you know, then you should be able to teach it. By being able to teach it, you can earn money for your knowledge.

Commit. Wayne Gretzky summarizes this best with his quote “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Build fanatic products and create a buzz around them. It will take an amazing product and a lot of hard work to create buzz. But if you truly believe in something, you can accomplish this feat.

Stay humble and grateful. Remaining optimistic about things in life tends to bring positive happenings to your life.

How I Transformed My Ho-Hum Coaching and Consulting Practice Into a 7-Figure Empire

Adam Urbanski


Avoid getting burned out as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs tend to find themselves getting bored. Find a way to reinvent yourself. This is not to say you have to reinvent your product or your customers, but find a new hobby or start thinking of other projects.

Packaging is an integral part of the process. Customers are looking for the right packages whether that be package design or bundled pricing. Packaging is said to be able to make or break your business.

Always continue to learn. The second you stop learning is the second you’ve stopped being an entrepreneur.


Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Floyd Mayweather loves to chant “Hard work!” while his fans respond with the word “Dedication!” That’s what it’s going to take in this game. Hard work and dedication. Leverage your resources and make full use of the competitive advantages that you have.

Remember to know what you know! “I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I tell you, I’m not afraid to eat alone.” Just another way of saying, you know what you have to offer and and its extremely valuable. If others aren’t interested, it’s there loss.

Learn your target market inside and out by leveraging technology.

Lastly, love your success, but be humble in life. Humility will help keep the hunger going.

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