How Kindle Matchbox Will Be A Boon For Indie Authors

This week Amazon announced Kindle Matchbox, which is coming in October.

What exactly is Kindle Matchbox?

It’s a great opportunity for indie authors to rake in more $$$.

But how?

Here’s how it works: You’ll need a print edition of your book to use Matchbox.

When a customer buys your print edition, they get the Kindle version at a discount. Prices will range from free to $2.99.

For Matchbox, the Kindle edition will always be lower then the print edition.

Having a print edition of your book is just a good addition to your business model. It’s an additional channel for your customers to send you money.

But also, they can send you more money via Matchbox, which is basically new found money.

The old model was, someone buys your print edition and that’s it. It’s highly unlikely they would also purchase the Kindle edition.

But now, the odds of them purchasing your Kindle edition have greatly gone up.

There’s is also the opportunity to increase overall sales by introducing print customers to your books that may be available only in Kindle versions. This is because Matchbox will likely promote your Kindle versions once a print version is purchased.

All in all, this should be a nice sales boost for indie authors.

Here’s Amazon’s splash page for Kindle Matchbox:

My upcoming book, ‘Career Forward: Subtitle: Do You Need An MBA To Succeed?’, will be available in print and Kindle versions. I’m looking forward to seeing what impact Matchbox will have on sales.

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