Working Toward Step One

Deciding on the right MBA program usually evolves into a journey.  Unless you are born knowing Harvard is the only school for you, the hours, days and months of research must begin at some point.  Perhaps your undergraduate school can provide some guidance.  Maybe you know some friends that can offer suggestions.  But in the end, only you can reign in this myriad of choices.

My experience turned into an onslaught of weighting tuition costs, school reputations, online/offline, full-time/part-time, two years out of work, moving, and what really happens once I graduate?  These questions and options became endless.  I began narrowing down options by focusing on what is important and most practical to my scenario.

After starting school, I continued researching various MBA programs and looking at why people choose particular programs.  In October, I started considering writing a book, with the goal of helping people choose an MBA program based on their current situation and goals.  There are a number of books on how to get into schools and ace admissions.  But what if you are 30 years old, have work experience, considering an MBA, don’t want to saddle yourself with $100k in debt or leave your job for 2 years?  Where do you go for those answers?  This is only one of many profiles and the general gap in MBA program selection I’m looking to fill.

This will be my first book and I’m very aware I need help with structure, focus and which content should stay or go.  For this help, expert guidance is at the top of my list.

I am very lucky to have found a great editor.  None other than Carmen Berry, a New York Times Best Selling author/co-author and ghost writer of 20 books published by large publishing houses such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Pengiun.

To kick off this project, Carmen and I had a phone conversation to get a good overview of the project.  One of the take aways from this conversation were to focus on what the reader needs to know and to think about a hook. This will be the title, back of book bullets, table of contents, and first part of chapter one. This doesn’t all have to be done now. It’s an overview and something to keep in mind moving forward.

The first assignment for me was to create a brain dump of the book.  We set a two week time frame, which means Dec 9.  As luck would have it, this brain dump accumulated and was organized over the last month.  I will take a little extra time to go back through it and make any additions, deletions and rearrangements. 

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