Four Must-Haves To Make Your Product A Success

Four Must-Haves To Make Your Product A Success

Creating a product can be a frightening endeavor. The constant question is: Will it succeed? I want to give you four must-haves that will help make your product or online course a success.

Here they are:

1.) Step by step

Nothing beats being clear and well paced. Be totally transparent to the skill level your teaching. Beginners will require more steps while intermediates will want less. Knowing the audience your creating the product for determines how many steps you’ll need. But make getting to the end result a clear and sequential process by showing all the steps.

2.) Fast

Your customers want results now. If your product or course is drawn out or takes a long time before anyone will see results, fewer people are going to purchase it. Keep the path to results short. If the info you want to share doesn’t add value, leave it out.

3.) Easy

This goes hand and hand with fast. The difference is that your customers can reach the end result fast through a complicated path. Make the path they are taking delightful and engaging. Most of all, keep it simple.

4.) Actionable outcome or result

Don’t just teach. Adding a new skill should be a given but let your customers walk away with something tangible from the experience. If your product is all digital, that might sound like a difficult task. Here are a few tangible ideas your customers can walk away with:

  • downloadable quick start guide
  • download resource guide
  • source files (for coding or images)

Once you think about it, there’s a number of downloadable, valuable files you can provide to your customers.

Bake these four must-haves into your product from the beginning, and you’ll be well on your way to product success.


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