Course Creation: How To Decrease Your Screencast Video File Size

You just finished an 8-minute clip for your upcoming screencast course. You’re ready to upload but then notice the file size is over 250MB. What! How did an 8-minute clip turn into a whopping a 250MB file?

An unexpectedly large file size is what many new course creators face after cutting a clip. Often, they’ll resort to compression software, which can degrade the quality of their video. However, there is a much better way to decrease your file size without having to use compression software.  Plus, this feature is already built into most video recording software.

Frame Rates

Enter frame rates. Frame rates are the number of frames appearing in your video per second. For many, this will be 30 frames. For a screencast, we don’t need such a high number. In fact, only 15 frames will work just fine. Setting the frame rate to 15 will drastically reduce the file size as well.

So where do you change the frame rate? For most video recording software, this will be in the preferences or on export settings.


You can save time by creating a profile for screencast exports in your video recording software. This way, when you export another screencast, all you have to do is select the screencast profile for example. It will have the saved 15f rate. You’ll also greatly speed up your workflow by not having to set the framerate for each screencast.

As a side note, don’t export a talking head or non-screencast video at 15f. The video will be jerky and look like a recording from a very low-speed Internet connection.

Hope you found this helpful and happy course creating!

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