Behind the Curtains: My Expansion Plans For 2016

We’re already at the end of February, so it seems kind of late to be talking about expansion plans for 2016 doesn’t it? What can I say? Better late than never.

Actually, it’s taken some time to reach this point, and now I’m executing on my plans.  Rather than say, “here’s what I’m planning to do.” I waited until I was actually doing it. And now you get a front row seat to a behind the scenes of how I’m expanding and scaling up Bitesize Business School.

Why should you bother listening? Here are two reasons: Year over year growth at BBS in 2016 looks like this:

January: 229%

February: 198%

Are you wanting to grow your business and struggling to find the right path? I’ll share with you how I’m doing it. My goal is that you can grab a few great tips for your own business and begin using them immediately.

First up is a redesign of the BBS logo. I just started a 99designs contest. I’ll share that with you guys once submissions start rolling in.  Why a logo redesign you might ask?

BBS is a getting a makeover. Some of you might be aware that I publish content is a broad range of areas including business, design, and programming. Those are all different audiences. If you purchased my Photoshop course, you might not be interested in my branding course. You aren’t looking for branding and marketing related emails.

To best serve my audience, I need to provide them with the best-targeted content. To accomplish this, I’m creating two mini sites for design and programming. The main site at will be business building skills focused only. While the two mini sites with focus on design and programming only.

As everything unfolds, I’ll keep my subscribers updated and let you know about the successes, problems and how I resolved them. I’m hoping you’ll get a lot of it. If you aren’t already a subscriber, just type in your email in the top right box and click the signup button. You’ll not only get updates on my expansion in progress but all of the other business building goodies I send out!

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