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You likely landed on this page because I or another BBS Insider referred you.  This page isn’t advertised or made public on the site.

What is BBS Insiders?  It’s an exclusive by invitation only group.  You get to see what I’m working on, thought process and motivations behind certain efforts, and what’s working vs not working.  You also have the opportunity to communicate with me directly.

BBS Insiders is currently an email newsletter.  I send out emails when I believe there is something of value to share and something you might want to use or avoid.  I also feature what is working for other members and any successes they are having.

There is no cost to join and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Will I sell to you?  Maybe.  But you’ll get some of the best offers and even opportunities to test beta versions of my products, which means no cost to you or a heavily discounted price.

Can you refer others to the group? As an active member, yes – you can refer others.

To join, you must list the first and last name of the BBS Insider that referred you.

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