Amazon KDP Free Promo vs Countdown Deals

Amazon recently added Kindle Countdown Deals (KCD) as part of their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. Countdown Deals allow authors to discount their book price and have it increase at set increments until a predefined timer runs out.

With KCD deals, customers still see the full price, which provides an incentive to purchase at the current discount before the price increases for the next timed increment.

If you’ve published on Kindle, you’re probably familiar with KDP free promo days. KDP free promo days allows you to give away books free for a total of five days every 90 days.

But how does this work with KCD? Are they exclusive or can you mix free promo days with KCD deals? After all, free promo days are restricted to five but KCD are seven.

I wanted to know the answers to these questions and after several rounds of emails with Amazon, here’s what I found out.

Mix And Match…For Now

The two programs can’t be mixed together. If you use free promo days, you can’t use KCD and vice versa.

But since KCD are new, there is some flexibility but only for a limited time. Here are some examples:

1.) If you do two free days, that leaves you only three free days or seven timed days.

2.) If you do three timed days, that leaves two free days.  Total of five promo days.

Just a reminder that the two programs can’t be combined in a continuous grouping of days. They must run separate. But this is only for the limited time Amazon is allowing it. In the near future, Amazon will only allow running free promo days or KCDs during the 90 day KDP.

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